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Commercial Experience...................................................................................................................... 2

Boards and Industry Forums.............................................................................................................. 6

Academics................................................................................................................................................. 7

Issued and Published Patents............................................................................................................ 8

Representative Technical Publications and Monographs..................................................... 9

Representative Technical Reports.............................................................................................. 11

Representative Standards Publications..................................................................................... 11

Representative Policy Papers......................................................................................................... 12

Professional Affiliations, Honors, and Service...................................................................... 13

Invited Lectures, Colloquia, and Symposia............................................................................... 15

Community Service.............................................................................................................................. 15

Visas and Work Status....................................................................................................................... 15

Personal Interests............................................................................................................................. 15


Commercial Experience

Technology Officer

9/17 – present

Federal Communications Commission, Washington DC

Work closely with the Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis, and on technology issues will report directly to the Chairman. Work collaboratively with staff in other Bureaus and Offices, and serve as a resource to FCC Commissioners. Apply expertise to a variety of issues and ongoing Commission proceedings. Function as a senior advisor to the Commission on technology related matters and perform specific assignments, such as conducting research addressing policy issues regarding telecommunications networks, and reviewing highly complex technical proposals and studies related to telecommunications services and the development and execution of Commission policy in technical areas. Help the FCC engage with technology experts outside the agency, and promote technical excellence among agency staff.

Report to the Chairman of the Commission and the Bureau Chief of the Office of Science and Policy.


1/12 – 9/17

Security and Software Engineering Research Center, Washington DC

Georgetown Center for Secure Communications, Washington DC

NOTE: On leave from this position while on IPA at the FCC

Founder and Director of the Georgetown Center for Secure Communications (GCSC) and Director of the Georgetown site of the NSF Security and Software Engineering Research Center (S2ERC). The Carnegie Foundation classifies Georgetown as a research university with very high research activity (former Category I). The GCSC brings together industry, academia, and government agencies to enable enterprises and individuals to protect, assist, and collaborate securely. The S2ERC addresses the technological barriers to secure network interoperability, as well as social, policy, and corporate governance issues related to secure, inter-enterprise communications, more especially for cyber threat intelligence information sharing. It has support from NSF, government, and industry. Responsible for P&L, membership recruitment (sales and marketing), operations, and running the technical program (product delivery). Courses: COSC 411 (Information Warfare), COSC 374 (Operating Systems), and COSC 437 (Cybersecurity Seminar).

Report to the SVP Research and Chief Technology Officer of the University.

Independent Consultant

6/10 – 9/17

5/08 – 6/09

Projects include:

·      Expert patent witness in VoIP/telecom data base case (plaintiff) – jury accepted all invalidity contentions and awarded damages

·      Expert patent witness in SIP and secure communications litigation (defense) versus a patent assertion entity (PAE) – forced settlement on extremely favorable terms

·      Expert patent witness in SIP/VoIP gateway litigation and single number service litigation (defense) – won suits instigated by a PAE

·      Expert patent witness in Web commerce, cloud storage, and data base synchronization litigation (defense)

·      Legal consulting for a fax case (plaintiff)

·      Legal consulting for a set of wireless patent re-examinations for a PAE

·      Legal consulting for a mobile phone / application privacy issue (plaintiff)

·      Assisted an international legacy network equipment manufacturer to determine corporate capabilities, channel capabilities, and appropriate new markets to address new products and a plan to refactor the business to address these markets. The client executed the plan and it is exceeded their expectations.

·      Assisted a major North American ISP develop an architecture and economic model for CDN interconnect that dramatically reduced their transit costs while complying with current and expected FCC rules and Congressional policy. In addition, the economic model I developed is the baseline model for the industry.

·      Assisted a startup in mobile video communications with business planning and securing financing.

·      Assisted a legacy Asian network operator enter North American mobile advertising space.

·      Assisted a startup in the mobile advertising space. Developed intellectual property for the organization.

·      Assisted a startup in the media rights space.

·      Advise the financial services community on the telecommunications industry on an ongoing basis, including numbering, databases, new gTLD’s, ICANN, registry market and players, roaming, lawful intercept, surveillance, cyber security, and VoIP.

·      Patent strategy for startup and mid-size companies

·      Strategic research planning for a large network equipment manufacturer

·      Technical due diligence on a hosted services provider for late-stage VC investment

·      Architecture consulting on Application Servers and Media Servers, including vendor selection and contract negotiation strategy for a large private equity equipment manufacturer. Saved client three million dollars.

·      Architecture and telco-grade high-availability implementation consulting for a hosted voice services application provider

·      Advise investment bankers on the telecom enabling technology market

·      Advise investment bankers on M&A targets


6/09 – 6/10

Neustar, Inc., Sterling, VA

CTO of a ~1,000 employee publicly traded (NYSE:NSR), ~$500MM telecommunications clearinghouse, naming & addressing database, Internet infrastructure services, and mobile services company. Responsible for setting Neustar's technology and service strategy; identifying M&A targets (transformative, strategic, and technological) and directing technical due diligence; devising architectures to strengthen the company's market positioning; oversee early stages of new technology development; and drive the successful launch and commercialization of IP services. Led a team of 12 scientists, standards experts, and developers creating technologies for the 3-5 year time horizon. Managed research and development for peer-to-peer networking; digital content rights management and distribution (DECE/UltraViolet/TV Anywhere); telephony naming and addressing; Internet naming and addressing; Internet cyber security and measurement; Next-Generation Emergency Services; and Smart Grid communications and security technology. Created and promoted culture of innovation: dramatically increased number of patent fillings and products that were stagnant for 2+ years had new releases with market-relevant, working features. Reported to the Chairman and CEO.

1/07 to 5/08

Acting General Manager, Communications Products




Deputy CTO and
VP Engineering

BEA Systems, Burlington, MA

[2/08 – 5/08] Lead team of 260+ individuals addressing the real-time network software market in a publically traded (NASD:BEAS) 4200+ employee, $1.5B middleware software company. Worked on business plan for telecom business unit and engaged stakeholders. Created integrated service provider/enterprise technology and market strategy. Turned around sales, starting at 50% of plan to achieving 150% of plan. Grew revenues five-fold in a year, including a strong plan for growth over the next three years. The plan was adopted by Oracle. [Oracle acquired BEA in May 2008.]

[1/07 – 5/08] Responsible for technology vision, market evangelization, intellectual property creation, and organization change. Briefings with C-level executives in the telecom and financial services industries, resulting directly in multiple sales ranging from a $2MM sale to a 3.5 year, $72MM contract. Worked with university researchers to identify and acquire technology and personnel. Performed technical due diligence on over 15 companies. Numerous keynote addresses at technical and marketing conferences, as well as interviews with the press and analysts. Reported to the Corporate CTO (EVP).

9/00 to 1/07

CTO, Cantata























Founder and CTO,

SnowShore Networks, Brooktrout Technology, Cantata Technology, Salem, NH

[10/06 – 1/07] CTO of a 360+ employee private equity enabling technology company for telecommunications applications. Investors included Oak Investment Partners, TowerBrook Capital Partners, Greenview Associates, and Anschutz Investment Company. Responsible for technology vision, market evangelization, and corporate technology positioning. Established “Virtual Office of the CTO,” drawing experts from R&D and marketing, creating a cohesive vision for current products, identified new technology directions and potential acquisition targets, and participating in major standards and industry organizations without imposing undue overhead on the organization. [4/04 – 10/06] Established and ran Advanced Development to build proofs of concept, quick customer demos, and direct research projects internally and at universities. Worked with CxO’s at both carriers and large enterprises. Lead IMS and Video strategies, and transition the company to address the migration of our customers from TDM to IP. Worked closely with strategic partners such as Vodafone, Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, Nokia, Lucent, Motorola, BEA, Oracle, IBM, as well as major research institutions worldwide. Upon acquisition, successfully lead legacy CTO’s and Chief Architects. Created and administered patent program that tripled Brooktrout’s 20 year-old portfolio in 18 months. Participated in ISO 9000 audit. Participated in earnings calls and educational seminars for the financial community. Divided time between Cantata’s major development centers in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and California, as well as supported global offices, customers, and partners. Successfully managed the Brooktrout Technology (NASD:BRKT) merger with Excel Switching that created Cantata Technology, for a $120MM increase (2x) in market cap. Reported to the CEO. Brooktrout Technology acquired SnowShore Networks in April 2004 (see below).

3rd and 4th successful transformation of a company from hardware to software revenues.

[9/00 – 4/04] CTO of a venture-backed company (Charles River Ventures, Matrix Partners, St.Paul (Vestbridge), i3) from three co-founders to a high of 72 local employees and 11 contractors in India. Defined the architecture, created the vision, and lead the technology for carrier-scale, IP enhanced services media servers. Created favorable public relations, industry credibility, and good will for SnowShore in the technical and service provider community. Generated leads and help close multi-million dollar financing and business deals. Inventor of the SIP-controlled Media Server and the Applications and Services Infrastructure concept, which is the dominant enhanced-services development and deployment model for the Next-Generation Network. Led the standardization of this model in international bodies such as the IETF and W3C. Regular speaker at industry and technical fora. Created and administered patent program that generated over 12 applications. SnowShore focused on building highly scalable, IP- and Web-oriented, carrier-class, SIP-based voice and video media processing servers. Reported to the CEO.

Brooktrout’s acquisition of SnowShore was a top-25% outcome for the venture class of 2000.

Second successful transformation of a company from hardware to software revenues.

5/93 to 9/00

Chief Scientist, Centigram

















Vice President
of Engineering, The Telephone Connection


Centigram Communications Corporation, The Telephone Connection, Rockville, MD

[6/98 – 9/00] Lead Centigram’s Maryland Technology Center of a 375+ employee public company (NASD:CGRM). Centigram’s corporate challenge: how to diversify revenue from a 15-year-old legacy platform. Determined and promoted strategic technical direction for the entire company. Responsible for corporate technology assessment; identified and pursued promising avenues of research and technology acquisition strategy. Represented Centigram on international and domestic standards bodies. Created and administered patent program that doubled Centigram’s 15-year-old portfolio, including successful defense of a $30M IPR infringement suit, resulting in a very successful result for the company. Principal contributor for design of real-time Web-based interactive multi-media products. Developed Unified, Internet-based Messaging strategy, including wireless technologies. Technical lead for VoIP and IN/AIN efforts. Responsible for technical and commercial negotiations with strategic partners.

Directly involved with sale of company to ADC, which resulted in a nearly 3x increase in market cap. Reported to the Exec. VP Engineering.

ADC purchased Centigram in June 2000.

Centigram purchased The Telephone Connection in June 1998.

[5/93 – 6/98] Managed all aspects of telecommunications product design, development, deployment, feature pricing, feature definition, launch planning, and partner relations. Responsible for demonstrating to prospective customers how our solutions meet or exceed their requirements. Typical VP-Level P&L and personnel responsibilities, restarting company at six employees and growing it to 32 employees. Established strategic relations with vendors and customers, resulting in the award of a $150M contract. Shared VP Marketing role with VP Product Development, including RFP response, pricing and positioning. Reported to the CEO.

10/91 -05/93

Cable & Wireless Communications, Inc., Vienna, VA

Manager and principal engineer for a broadcast and high volume broadcast facsimile switch service. Managed technology transfer to my in-house engineering organization of 500,000 lines of C code running in a distributed TCP/IP environment. Reduced engineer turnover from an average tenure of 9 months to over 18 months. Worked with other divisions of Cable & Wireless, primarily in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Managed group of 18 people. Reported to the Director of Software Development and the VP Engineering.



MCI Telecommunications Corporation, McLean, VA

Directed a staff of engineers for high volume real-time on-line transaction processing for MCI’s Intelligent Network, creating the first effective architecture that today is known as a SoftSwitch. Directed and participated in research and development of transaction-oriented applications design for massively parallel supercomputer platform (nCube). This was a technical and commercial success. We demonstrated call processing capacity that could process more than all of the global inter-exchange and international traffic for enhanced services. This resulted in a dramatic reduction in MCI’s network equipment costs.

and Sales
06/84 - 09/90


Valid Logic Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA

Sales Executive, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (8/89-9/90). Responsible for largest electronics account in Europe; landed largest order for Valid in 1989. Confounded #1 competitor (Valid at that time was #2) – stopped all sales from their largest account for three quarters.

Member Of The Technical Staff, Diest, Belgium (9/86-7/89). Established European Corporate Research Center. Delivered 500,000 lines of C code.

Engineering Program Manager, San Jose, CA (7/85-9/86). Responsible for PC-based products; became 40% of shipments in first year.

Engineering Project Manager, San Jose, CA (11/84-6/85). Responsible for largest release in the company’s history, restoring product quality.

Sr. Software Engineer, San Jose, CA (6/84-11/84). Created MOS Simulation tools.

First successful transformation of a company from hardware to software revenues. This company became Cadence Design Systems.

01/80 – 06/84

Texas Instruments, Inc., Central Research Laboratory, Dallas, TX

Sub-Micron Structures; Device Modeling and Simulation; Full-Custom VLSI Design; my research group invented the Single-Chip DSP.

Boards and Industry Forums

Chair of the Board of
2016 – present

AtF Cyber

AtFCyber is a company founded by experts in cyber security to dramatically change how people access information and services important to them with significantly reduced risk of attack. Our suite of patented, customizable authentication solutions targets the IOT and IIOT in order to protect critical infrastructure, providing both with new levels of security while reducing the supporting infrastructure cost and complexity. Chair (2016-present).

2015 - present

Medgar Evers College, The City University of New York, Brooklyn, NY

Medgar Evers College is a senior college of CUNY and is a designated HBCU with the motto, “We Create Success, One Student at a Time.” Advise the Dean of the School of Business on the curriculum, student outcomes, strategic objectives, and initiatives.

Board of
2008 - present

Dexrex LLC, Amherst, MA

Dexrex is a PAE in the compliance, instant messaging, and social networking space.

Treasurer and Board of
2015 – 2017

Public Interest Registry

The Public Interest Registry (PIR) is a nonprofit organization operated in the public interest, formed initially to manage the .ORG generic top-level domain. .ORG was the first DNSSEC gTLD and .ОРГ was one of the first internationalized gTLDs. PIR now also manages the .ONG and .NGO gTLDs. Treasurer (2017) Corporate Secretary (2015-2016). Member, Finance and Audit Committee (2015-2017).

Board of
2012 – 2016

Ascension Technology Group, Atlanta, GA

Ascension Technology Group is a cloud technology managed services provider with core offerings of Cloud Advisory & Hosting Services, Cloud Support, Cloud based Training & Certification, and Infrastructure Services.

Board of
2009 – 2015

Internet Society

The Internet Society (ISOC) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1992 to provide leadership in Internet related standards, education, and policy. Transitioned new CEO. Audit Committee Chair. By-Laws Committee Chair. Member Executive, Compensation, Elections, Governance, and Nominations Committee.

2010 - 2012

IETF Trust

The IETF Trust advances educational and public interest by acquiring, holding, maintaining and licensing intellectual property and other property used in connection with the Internet standards process and its administration.


2003 - 2011

SIP Forum

The SIP Forum is dedicated to promoting the use of the SIP protocol, by working with industry, academia, and the IETF.

Board member since 2003. Elected Chair 2007. Chairman Emeritus since 2010.

Board of
2008 - 2015

Sigma Systems, Toronto, Canada

Sigma Systems is a leader in Operations Support Systems (OSS) for the communications industry. Successful capital restructuring executed in 2015.

2010 – 2012

IETF Administrative Oversight Committee (IAOC)

The IAOC carries out the responsibilities of the IETF Administrative Support Activity.

Lead Mentor
2008 - 2011

MIT Venture Mentor Service, Cambridge, MA

Startups advised: using a mobile phone to collect user behavior; high-quality image processing for mobile phones; location-based services; 3D user interface devices; HVAC optimization

Board of

2000 - 2010

Mobera Systems, Milpitas, CA

Mobera is a core product development corporation with facilities in Chandigarh, India focused on the telecom, life sciences, and logistics industries, as well as assisting venture capital firms with identifying promising technologies and teams.

2008 - 2009

PC-NG, Cambridge, MA
PC-NG did call recording in the consumer communications application space.

Board of

and VP Asia

2002 - 2007

IMS Forum

The IMS Forum is the premier organization dedicated to advancing the state of the art in packet telephony technology and implementation. This is the successor organization to the International Packet Communications Consortium (IPCC) and the International Softswitch Consortium (ISC).

Board of

2000 - 2004

Information Appliances International, Falls Church, VA

IIA manufactured equipment and systems for the PDA’s and wireless devices.

Advisory Board
2004 - 2007

Voice Over IP Forum of Japan, Tokyo, Japan

The VFJ is dedicated to the promotion of VoIP in the Japanese market.

Board of

1999 - 2000

Vivexchange.com, Milpitas, CA

A B2B e-commerce company; sold to Commerce One. Recouped 100% of equity, a major feat at the end of 2000.


Research Professor Computer Science (2012-present)
Adjunct Assistant Professor CS

Georgetown University, Washington, DC (Department of Computer Science)

Full faculty rank. Research: networking theory, protocol design, secure communications, and policy aspects of communications. Developed MS in Analytics (Big Data) program for the Provost, adopted by Graduate School. Classes: Information Warfare (COSC 411) and Operating Systems (COSC 374), Cybersecurity Seminar (COSC 437), and Network Security (COSC 535). Total PI research volume in excess of $2.5MM.                                                                                               2010-present

Adjunct Professor Computer Science

George Mason University, Fairfax, VA (Computer Science Department)
Data Base and Object Oriented Concepts (CS 450)                                           2000


The George Washington University, Washington, DC (Fac. CCEW)

Software Quality Assurance (CWIS 704), Relational Data Base Theory (CWIS 702), Software Engineering (IS 703), Cooperative Application Development, Programming (C)                                                                                                 1993 – 2000

Computer Science
2003 - 2006

Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL

Graduated with Highest Honors (4.0 GPA). Recipient IIT Exemplary Research Award. Research topics: high-performance, real-time network protocols, high-performance Internet infrastructure, distributed systems, advanced search.

Thesis: Ubiquitous Remote Control of Household Devices.

Thesis Advisor: Ophir Frieder

Doctorate in
(no degree)

George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

Recipient Fellowship from the Commonwealth of Virginia. 4.0/4.0 GPA.

Research topics: Web-based distance learning, success factors in Web-based collaborative projects, next generation HTTP, XML, and e-commerce.

International Business

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Graduated with Honors. Dual Minor: Economics and Marketing.
Thesis: Multi-National Transfer Pricing Policy
Thesis Advisor: Sylvain R. F. Plasschaert; 1990

Nederlands als vreemde taal

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Instituut voor Levende Talen, Certificate in elementary knowledge level 2 in Dutch language

Certificat elementaire Français

Ecole de Langues pour Entreprises, Belgium
Certificate in elementary knowledge in French language


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Minor: Music. Concentration: Semiconductor Physics. Recipient of a graduate research assistantship as an undergraduate (worked in the Sub-Micron Structures Laboratory).

Thesis: MOS Simulation Techniques

Thesis Advisor: Christopher Terman                    Academic Advisor: L. Rafael Reif

(no degree)
Oboe & English Horn

The Juilliard School PCD, New York, NY: Music Performance
Lois Wann (Juilliard), Steve Lickman (DSO), Fred Cohen (NEC)

James Rives Jones (MSO, SMU), Christian Tiemeyer (DSO), F. John Adams (Harvard University/Wellesley College)


Issued and Published Patents

1.       Burger, E., Pelson, J.A., Heard, D., and Traver, G., System and Method for Correlating User Call Response to Electronic Messages, US 9,609,145, 2017

2.       Burger, E., Pelson, J.A., Heard, D., and Traver, G., System and Method for Correlating User Call Response to Electronic Messages, US 9,369,591, 2016

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21.    Federoff, H., Frieder, O., and Burger, E., System and Method of Applying State of Being to Health Care Delivery, US 20160180043, 2016

Other patents pending (not yet published by the USPTO). Other patents issued worldwide, related to the above US Patents.

Representative Technical Publications and Monographs

1.       Lange, R. and Burger, E., Long-Term Market Implications of Data Breaches, Not, Journal of Information Privacy and Security, accepted and to appear [Journal]

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My Erdös number is 3 (Ophir FriederÞFrank HararyÞPaul Erdös)

Representative Technical Reports

At https://s2erc.georgetown.edu/projects/georgetown/results:

1.       Stohrer, T., Stewart, A., and Burger, E., Issues, Analysis, and Tools For Rural Call Completion Issues, 27 June 2017.

2.       Lange, R. and Burger, E., Market Implications of Data Breaches, 16 December 2016.

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6.       Burger, E., A Taxonomy for CyberISE Technology Evaluation, 17 February 2014.

Representative Standards Publications

1.       Gurbani, V. (Ed.), Burger, E. (Ed.), Anjali, T., Abdelnur, H., and Festor, O., The Common Log Format (CLF) for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP): Framework and Information Model, RFC 6872, IETF, February 2013.

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14.    Contributor, Why Broadband Matters, IEEE-USA statement to US Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, 2008, http://www.ieeeusa.org/policy/policy/2008/091608.pdf


IEEE-USA Washington Internships for Students of Engineering (WISE) Advisees:

·  McDonald, Kevin, Network Neutrality: Public Policy Approaches for Mandating Reasonable Network Management Non- Discrimination to Preserve the Open Internet, in WISE Journal of Engineering and Public Policy, v. 16, September 2012, http://www.wise-intern.org/journal/2012/documents/McDonald_WISE_2012_Final_Presentation.pdf

·  Stinson, Preston, An Analysis of Incentives to Encourage Adoption of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, in WISE Journal of Engineering and Public Policy, v. 16, September 2012, http://www.wise-intern.org/journal/2014/documents/PrestonStinsonFinalpaper.pdf

Professional Affiliations, Honors, and Service

Member (2014 – present), National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD)

Member (1984), Senior Member (2000), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

·      Member (2016-), Government Fellows Committee

·      Recipient, 2012 IEEE-USA Professional Achievement for Individuals Award “for sustained and collaborative support of communications technology policy.”

·      Chair (2010-2011), Vice Chair (2009), IEEE-USA Committee on Communications Policy

·      Member (2010-2012), IEEE-USA Government Relations Council

·      Member, IEEE-USA Committee on Communications and Information Policy (2005-2008), renamed IEEE-USA Committee on Communications Policy (2009-present)

·      Member, IEEE-USA Intellectual Property Committee (2011-present)

·      Vice Chair, New Hampshire Section of IEEE (2009)

·      Executive Committee Member, New Hampshire Section of IEEE (2008-2009)

·      Technical Program Committees

o   First IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications (SmartGridComm 2010)

o   Principles, Systems and Applications of IP Telecommunications (IPTComm), Chair, Independent Track 2011, TPC 2013, 2014, 2015

o   Computing and Communication Workshop and Conference (CCWC), TPC 2017

·      Steering Committee Member

o   IEEE International Conference on Next Generation Mobile Applications, Services And Technologies (NGMAST) 2007-2009

o   Boston Section IEEE/CS (2001-2004)

·      Executive Committee Member and Chapter Liaison, Northern Virginia Section of IEEE (2000).

·      Participant in the SET/IEEE Congressional Visits Day, 2000, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2015.

·      Invited speaker for Northern Virginia Communications Society and Joint Greater Boston Area IEEE Computer Society / Greater Boston Chapter ACM.

·      IEEE Mentor

Member (1976), Senior Member (2006), Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

·      Member, US-ACM Intellectual Property Committee (2012-present)

·      Member, US-ACM Security and Privacy Committee (2012-present)

·      Technical Program Committees

o   ACM Middleware for Next-generation Converged Networks and Applications 2007

o   ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM) 2008

o   ACM Workshop on Information Sharing and Collaboration (WISCS) 2014, 2015, 2016

o   ACM Workshop on Applying the Scientific Method to Active Cyber Defense Research (SafeConfig) 2017

·      ACM Mentor

·      ACM Professional Development Seminar Lecturer

o   Distributed, Scalable Application Architectures and Future Technologies (1998)

Member and Patron (2006 - present), American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Member and Patron (2000 - present), The Internet Society (ISOC).

Member (2014 – present), ISACA (former Information Systems Audit and Control Association).

Life Member (2012), Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA).

·      Invited representative to AFCEA Technology Committee

Representative (2015 – present), OASIS

·      Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing Work Group

·      Program Chair, Borderless Cyber Conference, 2017

Advisory Committee Representative (2000-2006), The World-Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Academic Member (2003-2006), Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM).

Member (1999), Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE).

Charter Member (2005) Teksia

Technical Committees:

·      Chair, IETF MEDIACTRL Work Group (Media Server Control) – concluded

·      Director, IETF Applications Area Review Committee – retired

·      Chair, IETF SPEECHSC Work Group (Speech Services Control) – concluded

·      Chair, IETF LEMONADE Work Group (Mobile and Unified Messaging) – concluded

·      W3C Voice Browser Work Group (VoiceXML, CCXML), Multimodal Interaction Work Group

·      IEEE POSIX Standards Group (P1003)

·      ITU-T SG-D

Reviewer for:

·      International Journal of Technology Management

·      IEEE Software

·      IEEE Communications Magazine


Lead Mentor, MIT Venture Mentoring Service http://web.mit.edu/vms/

Advisor, MIT Institute Career Assistance Network http://alum.mit.edu/cs/ican/


Finalist, CTO of the Year (2006), Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council.


Ingineur Degree conferred by the Belgian Ministry of Education (Equivalent to P.E. License in U.S.).

GAP International Executive Challenge Course (2000, 2012), Executive Mastery (2016-2017).

Invited Lectures, Colloquia, and Symposia

Community Service

Sunday School Teacher, Beth Chaverim Reform Congregation (2010 – 2011)

Executive Board, Congregation Betenu (2006 – 2008): Took organization from chronic deficits (the board was considering mortgaging the building to raise operating funds) to running a surplus.

Technology Advisor, Brooksfield School (1997 – 2000)

Visas and Work Status

Native-born United States citizen with full right-to-work; clearable but no active clearance

Belgian work permit of unlimited duration (Equivalent to Green Card in U.S.)

Have held business visas for Russian Federation, South Korea, People’s Republic of China

Personal Interests

FAA Private Pilot Single Engine Land Certificate with Instrument Rating, Current Third-Class Medical

FAA Commercial Drone Certificate (Part 107)

FCC GMRS License (Expires 2018) and Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit

Sometime manage to find time to go skiing and play some soccer.

Novice Qi Gong (Wu Ming and Spring Forrest) and Tai Ji (Yang)

EA, FC, MM Sharon #327 VA.

Like to take astrophotos with my children.